Warm Weather Perfumes

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In the spring/summer, most of us like to do a few things to pamper ourselves to prepare for the new season of warmth, freedom and fun. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the new season, the perfect perfume can make your experience even better. A great scent adds ambiance to everyday life, and electrifies your aura when you step into a party. Now that's an entrance!

While some women like to wear the same perfume year-round, many prefer to switch scents with the seasons. Like fine wines complement certain dishes, various perfumes complement different times of year.

In general, stronger perfumes work better in the chilly months of the year, because cold air tends to dilute and weaken a scent. In the warm months, your body heat and sweat help the scent of your fragrance really pop, so you can go with a lighter scent and a more sparing application, yet still be noticed.

Fragrance can be a pricey buy, but think of it as an investment. A little bit goes a long way, and a high quality perfume will last you for quite a while. However, before you invest in a fragrance, be sure you really love it. Simply liking the brand or loving the bottle isn't enough. Feel free to sniff your heart out; you never know how a fragrance will work with your body chemistry until you try it.