Warm Weather Perfumes

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Some perfumes are destined to be classics. In order to fit this category, a scent should be sophisticated, timeless and appropriate for a variety of settings and events. It should also capture a feeling, an idea, or a season and express it as eloquently as any words can. This is a tall order for a little bottle of mixed oils, but some perfumes pass the test.

Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake ($65 for Eau de Toilette Spray) is a classy spring perfume blending both aquatic and floral scents. It's sophisticated but also subtle enough for daytime, so you can bring a refreshing scent of spring into the office everyday and transition to an evening of cocktails on an outdoor patio.

Parisienne by Yves St. Laurent ($65) is a nice floral feminine perfume with just enough woodiness for an undercurrent of earthy sensuality. It's a great date perfume, especially if you want to be transported from the Olive Garden to the Champs Elysee in no time flat.


As spring warms into summer, your mind will probably be on shedding your clothes and feeling the sun on your skin. Exotic, beachy scents will put you in a vacation state of mind, even if you're staying close to home, and who couldn't use a nice relaxing getaway?