Warm Weather Perfumes

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The citrus, sandalwood and jasmine fusion of Island by Michael Kors ($62) grabs the passionate, carefree feeling of the Caribbean and puts it in a bottle for you to enjoy anytime. This is a new scent for Spring 2011, so get it while it's hot!

Calvin Klein Euphoria ($45 for Eau de Toilette Spray) is one of the sexiest perfumes a girl can wear. Pomegranate, orchid, amber and other exotic components mingle together to produce an ultra-sensual scent that's bound to turn heads.


Spring and summer are the seasons of fun. The colors, the weather, and the positive vibe help get your pulse going and make you look at things from a more optimistic viewpoint. The nicer weather makes it so much easier to be spontaneous and open to new adventures and possibilities. A spring perfume should help you express these great feelings and experiences.

Twirl eau de Parfum by Kate Spade ($65) is a happy, fresh scent that features watermelon as a top note. It also has a great mix of other fruits, a bit of musk - even an undercurrent of "macaron," the French version of macaroon cookies. Yum!


Spring cleaning doesn't just refer to the yearly de-junking of your desk, it means taking a fresh approach to every area of your life, including your scents. Some women can't get enough of ultra-clean, not-too-musky perfumes that smell like good old-fashioned soap and water. This type of scent is ideal for warm late-spring days when less is truly more.