Crank Up Your Calorie Burning

Want to kickstart your body's calorie-burning furnace? There are a few surprising ways to do it. If you're a walker, then get your arms involved. You can burn up to 15 percent more calories by bending elbows at a 90-degree angle and pumping your arms in concert with your walk. Keep elbows in and the movement controlled.


In these last dog days of summer, quench your thirst with cold water before you work out. A British study found that exercisers who drank cold water before a hot-weather workout worked out longer and said their workout felt easier. Cold water will also help keep your body temperature down, so refrigerate that bottle of water or fill up your container with a pitcher kept in the fridge. When using dumbbells, don't worry about the number of reps you can do - worry about how much weight you're using. Exercisers who increase the amount of weight they use burn more calories at rest than those who do more reps with lighter weights.

The drudgery of the same old treadmill workout can drag down your calorie burn, so if you feel bored, then take it outside. A change of scenery can help you work out longer and burn more calories. {relatedarticles}If you're comfortable on the treadmill, then pump up the incline to maximize calorie burn. Torch more calories by staying in the zone. You need to log at least 12 minutes at a moderate to high intensity most days a week to fight weight gain.