Why Are You Fat?

You think you couldn't eat another bite after a big meal, but when dessert comes out, you just have to help yourself. Or you're watching TV and eating out of a big bowl of buttery popcorn. You look down, and all of a sudden, the bowl is empty. Sound familiar?


There are many factors that can cause overeating, including a lack of awareness. Simply paying attention to your surroundings - including smells, sights and sounds - can help curb overeating.

Watching ads for junk food, delicious cooking smells or other environmental factors may result in eating more food. Putting tempting foods in plain view can cause you to eat more of them, too. For example, keeping a candy dish on your desk will probably tempt you to eat more of it than if you kept it in a desk drawer or further away from your desk. Even the size of your plate can cause you to eat more. Proper portions look tiny when served on a large plate, so downsize your plates to trick your brain into thinking you're eating more food.{relatedarticles} The same goes for snacks. Don't take a large bag of chips to munch - put a small portion into a smaller bag or bowl, and you probably won't go back for more. Be mindful of your food and the way that you eat when you sit down to a meal or snack. Taking your time and savoring all the flavors helps you fill up faster.