At-Home Spa Treatments

If you want that wonderful spa feeling but don't want to pay high spa prices, you should consider giving yourself an at-home spa treatment. There are many common and inexpensive products that are probably already in your home that you can use to make your own custom spa treatments, like scrubs and facials.


It's no secret that getting rid of dead skin cells is an easy way to feel refreshed and for your skin to look healthier, and spas often charge an arm and a leg for this service. What is not so well-known is that a lot of items you already have at home can actually be used as easy, inexpensive, and very effective natural scrubs!

Listed below are a few ingredients you can use for at-home body scrubs and directions on how to use them to achieve healthy, refreshed skin:

  • Coffee Grounds. Save your used coffee grounds and you're already one step closer to more radiant skin. After a shower, simply mix 2 cups of used coffee grounds with 1/2 cup of raw sugar and a few tablespoons of olive oil and rub on any areas where you want to remove dead skin. Use circular motions with your fingers or a washcloth. When you wipe yourself clean a few minutes later, the dead skin cells will be gone and your skin will look much smoother.
  • Sea salt. Putting a little sea salt in the shower gel you already have is also a great way to add a little punch to your bath routine. Make sure you've got a gel rich in moisture and the salt will simply wash away your dead skin and leave you feeling refreshed in a great natural way!

Brown Sugar. Sea salt may be too rough for sensitive skin, so if you still want all the benefits of a natural scrub without causing any potential irritation, mix some brown sugar with almond or olive oil and apply in the same gentle, circular motions you would with other scrubs.

Beyond fancy body scrubs, most of us love to splurge on expensive masks and facials. Luckily for you, it's really easy to create your own at-home facial experience using items you probably already have on hand. Spend a few minutes in your kitchen and you'll be on your way to better-looking skin.



Masks are a great way to remove dead skin cells and toxins. They also help your skin appear brighter and younger. While facial masks at the spa can cost a pretty penny, you can easily make your own custom mask at home for only a few dollars.

Papaya is wonderful at helping skin heal-especially if you are prone to redness or acne-as well as exfoliating skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. To make this simple papaya mask, simply puree 1/2 a fresh papaya and mix it with 1 cup of pineapple juice and a tablespoon of honey. Leave the mask on for 15 - 20 minutes and you're one step closer to feeling like you've just spent the afternoon at a spa.

Another quick, easy, and edible option is a pumpkin mask. Pumpkins are full of great nutrients and mixing some pureed pumpkin with a few teaspoons of milk and honey make for a vitamin-rich mask that is a natural antioxidant and will support skin structure.


The key to a good facial is unbelievably easy and cheap - steam and essential oil. The first step is to choose an essential oil that works for you. Essential oils all have amazing, individual properties (more on that soon) and when you mix them with steam, you'll open up your pores in a natural way.


Start by putting a few drops of your favorite oil under your nose. Next, run hot water from your bathroom faucet and cover your head with a towel and lean into the steam, spreading out the towel to capture the moisture. Soak in the steam and follow with one of the masks above. Your face will thank you!

One of the reasons people escape to expensive spas is that they want to relax. Our daily routines can be extremely chaotic and we all deserve the opportunity to pamper ourselves every now and then. Don't let a crummy economy stand in the way of giving yourself the chance to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate.

The key to relaxation is environment. Make sure your bathroom or the area where you'll be pampering yourself is filled with simple colors you like. You won't want a room filled with bright towels and loud patterns. Instead, try to remove loud accessories and drape the room in light blues, greens, and lavenders in soothing, simple patterns.

Essential Oils and Scents Designed for Relaxation

  • Lavender - The famous purple flower helps people sleep and fight migraines. It can even help put the most stressful thoughts to rest.
  • Chamomile - Often used in "sleepy time" herbal teas, chamomile is known to help ease pain and to generally help with sedation.{relatedarticles}
  • Bergamot - This oil not only smells great but it also helps loosen tight muscles.
  • Sandalwood - The healing properties of sandalwood are renowned. It can help with irritation, acne and lifting depression.
  • Ylang Ylang [ee-lahng-ee-lahng] - It might have a funny name, but Ylang Ylang's floral scent can calm anger, release tension, and ease muscles spasms.
  • Clary Sage - This sweet, floral scent can ease fatigue and help you to relax.

You can find these essential oils at most health food stores or in candle form. Aromatherapy is a subtle way to help you set the mood for your spa treatments and achieve relaxation. Listening to soothing music is another great way to add some atmosphere to your at-home spa day.

Don't waste your time and money on an over-priced spa. Get creative and look around your house for easy and inexpensive ways to pamper yourself with spa treatments that will make your skin-and your wallet-feel good.

By taking advantage of commonly found ingredients like coffee grounds, essential oils, candles, and even some brown sugar, you can look and feel like you've been to the most luxurious spa in town.

With these simple recipes and tips, you can create your own spa getaway any night of the week!