10 Reasons for Practicing Pilates

by Josie McKenlay

Pilates is now the exercise of choice for many people because of its many benefits. Below are the top 10 benefits you can expect from a regular Pilates workout.

Re-educating and realigning your body to prevent imbalances. This is particularly useful for sportsmen, for example. A tennis player constantly hitting the ball using the same arm or a golfer always swinging from the same side could benefit.

Making you more body-aware and coordinated. Pilates improves your proprioception skills, the way your body moves in space -- particularly useful if you are working by yourself.

Creating or improving space between vertebrae to minimize pressure on discs and nerves. There is no question that Pilates will prevent back problems or teach you to manage them.

Improving core muscle and back strength to help support the spine and maintain good posture. Many of us have posture that is far from ideal.

Strengthening all muscles so that the whole body can work together rather than one area becoming overloaded.

Improving flexibility and mobility so that the body can move freely, without putting undue strain on the back.

Teaching you to breath correctly and fully so that plenty of oxygen reaches every part of the body, especially the spine. Try observing the way in which you breathe normally, and you will see how inefficient it is.

Giving you that feel-good factor and relaxing your body and mind. Pilates is a form or meditation, allowing you to forget all your troubles and focus your attention to your body -- at least for a little while.

Improving pelvic floor tone, reducing incontinence problems. It's a huge problem -- and not just for women!

Flattening the abdomen. There is no other exercise that flattens the lower abdomen better -- believe me, I've tried it all.

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Josie owns www.vitalflow.com, providing online Pilates videos and advice on healthy living. As well as running the website, Josie has a large portfolio of private clients and also teaches Pilates and yoga classes, drawing on her 25+ years in the fitness business.

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