7 Days of Great Sex: How to Make it Happen

Things aren't always hot and heavy in relationships. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and you and your guy hit a dry spell in the bedroom. It could be because you've got a crazy busy work schedule and just can't make time for it, or maybe you guys have been together for years and you're just not as hot for each other anymore.

Either way, a lack of regular sexual intimacy can be a serious buzz kill in a relationship, not to mention it lowers your overall quality of life!


If this sounds like you, it's time to ramp back up your libido and start having some great sex again. Just because your schedule is busy or you're tired is no excuse. In fact, we have a challenge for you: Have sex with your man every day this week. Yep, a full week straight of sex; that's seven heart-pumping, sweaty romps in the sack!

Sound like a tall order? Don't fret! To help you out, we have some great tips on how to make your week of amazing sex happen. You and your man will be out of that dry slump and back to getting sexy in no time.

Agree on it, Schedule It, and Make it a Point to Switch Roles

If you're going to meet the 7-day challenge, you both have to be on board and be ready to commit to it. There may be a day when one of you is tired or has other plans, so in order to make it happen all 7 days, you each need to hold each other accountable.

Have a frank discussion about the current state of your sex life, and impress upon your man that you think 7 days of sex could really help your sex life in the long-run. He'll probably find the idea of sex every night really hot, so we doubt he'll turn the down the challenge.


Scheduling sex doesn't sound very sexy does it? Don't worry; we're not saying schedule every sex session for the entire week - just on the days you know you'll be busy. Sit down and look at your week's commitments: work, social engagements, gym time, etc.

If either of you has a day on which you know you'll be super strapped for time, schedule a time when you can fit sex in. It may be in the morning, right after you wake up, or maybe while the spaghetti noodles are boiling just before dinner time. Either way, scheduling a time period that works for both of you on busy days will help you avoid skipping a session.

Don't schedule all your romps, though. On the days you both have a little leeway with your time, keep the spontaneity in your sex life. Let your hormones do the planning.

Once a relationship is established, the person with the higher libido and sex drive (usually the guy) is almost always the initiator for sex. This gets old fast - for both people. The guy gets tired of having to do all the work, while the woman quickly tires of getting pressured for sex when she doesn't feel totally into it.


So during your seven days of sex, make it a point to switch roles at least one of the days. If your guy is usually the initiator, ensure you're the one to start a spontaneous sexy session this week. Lay it on real hot and heavy, too. Your guy will find the role reversal to be a big turn-on!

Pull an All-Nighter, Try New Positions, Have a Quickie and Get Kinky

When's the last time you and your man stayed up all night exploring each other's bodies? If you're like most women in long-term relationships, it's probably been a while - most likely since the beginning of your courtship. So one night this week, probably a Friday or Saturday is best, make plans to stay in - all night.

Spend extended time on foreplay, and go for second and third rounds once you've both finished. You'll end up sweaty, exhausted and passed out in each other's arms in the wee hours of the morning, and what's sexier than that?

Surely there are some positions you and your guy haven't conquered. (If not, make one up!) Heck, you've never had 7 days straight of sex before, so why not make this a first time for something else, too?

Make it a point to get out of the standard missionary position and make things a little more excite. Try new positions you've seen in movies, or even grab a Kama Sutra or Tantra book and mimic some of those age-old poses. They work for Sting; there's no reason why they can't work for you.


Nothing's hotter than an unscheduled romp in an unfamiliar place, so take advantage of these situations when they present themselves. Doing laundry? When your man passes by, pull him in and do it on the laundry room floor or on the pile of fluffy, clean towels. Cooking dinner?

Tease your man until he picks you up and does you on the counter! Is your guy in the shower? Sneak in and have a morning romp under the stream. Quickies like these are fun, exciting and hot!

You've got 7 days to get sexy, so now's the time to pull out all the stops. Go to a local sex shop and get some kinky items for the bedroom: handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, toys, vibrators and sexy lingerie outfits. Bring on the fun!

How about trying some role playing? Try the old nurse and patient game; that always makes guys hot! Overall, just make this week something both you and your man will remember. Be open and ready to try new things. You never know if you like something until you try it at least once!


It's time to take back your sex life. If you've hit a dry slump, try our 7 days of sex challenge. With a little bit of effort (and a lot of fun!), you and your guy will be back at it under the sheets in no time