Change Your Position on Missionary Sex

Missionary is the go-to position for having sex, and although popular, it can get old quickly. After a couple hundred times, it's missionary accomplished.

Believe it or not, spicing up your sex life can be as simple as changing positions. Why not think outside the box? A turn here or a twist there can actually make all the difference in the world. If your sex life needs a boost, here are some alternative positions you can try that don't require you to be as flexible as an acrobat.



How about sideways sex? In this position, the woman is in control, making it more exciting. To accomplish this move properly, the man lies down on his side with his legs apart and knees bent. Then the woman positions herself at a right angle.

With her hands at the man's leg and chest, she rocks back and forth, controlling the movement until she finds the right spot. It takes some wiggling and can take a while to get the positions just right. But why not enjoy the ride?


Face to face is also a great position to learn because you are, as the name implies, face-to-face with your partner, making for a more intimate encounter. It's also good if you're in the mood for slow sex. To give this position a shot, sit on opposite sides of each other. Take a seat on top of him after sliding into his lap. Your legs go behind him, like a cradle.

Then you just rock back and forth until you get an orgasm, which may likely happen simultaneously in this position. Although great for romantics, this position may be too slow for some people.



Reverse cowgirl is a position that men -- and women -- really go wild for as well. The man lies on his back with his legs on the bed over the edge of the bed. You get on top, facing away from your man. Similar to doggy-style, the man enters from behind. Rock back and forth until he hits the right spot.

This position is excellent for hitting the G-spot without too much time and effort, as the woman controls the speed and movement. If you're up for something new, the cowgirl is definitely the way to go. Keep in mind that some people aren't up for the ride as there is no face-to-face contact.


Become a spider man -- and woman. Facing opposite each other, both partners lie down and bring up their knees as the man enters the woman. Then all you need to do is wiggle, and if you do it nice and slow, it can last a long time. Although great for those who are tired but want long-lasting sex without much effort, some people might get bored.


The Spoon Split is a position that makes many women feel naughty. From a spooning position, the man takes the woman's top leg and drapes it across his. This makes the hips widen, allowing the man to go in deep and easily access the woman's clitoris. Women usually love this position, as it's naughty and intimate at the same time, great for women who like it a little wild.



Standing Rhythm is a position that many men (and some women) fantasize about. It involves the woman bending over a couch (or table or other object of similar height) as she spreads her legs. It's easy for the man to thrust deeply from this position and the intensity is kicked up a notch if the man rotates the woman's hips. A naughty but exciting position to try when the moment strikes.


A slight twist to the standard missionary position, the Slippery Nipple allows the woman to lie there, but the man has his hands free and does all the work. What woman wouldn't like that? As the man sits upright, the woman lies on her back and puts her legs on his chest, resting feet on his shoulders. The man does the work, while the woman enjoys herself. The man also has his hands free, so he can touch the woman however he pleases. The position is good if you want to shake up your normal sex routine a little, but not too much.


The Magic Bullet is a great position for women because it allows your man to hit your G-spot quickly. As the woman lies on her back with her legs straight up in the air, the man kneels across from her and enters. This position is great for guys because they can use their hands to move your legs closer to feel fuller inside the woman.


He can also touch the woman however he likes. Although a good position for lazy women, it may be boring for more adventurous types. Plus, your legs become achy if they're up in the air too long.


A slight alternative to the woman on top, this sex position has the woman assume the same position, but with her legs spread as wide as possible. Then, with her hands on the man's chest, she rocks back and forth. The spreading of the legs works well because it allows for deeper penetration, which will benefit both the man and the woman.

However, it helps to be fairly limber in order to pull off this sexy stunt. Stretching for so long can make your legs sore after awhile. For the woman who likes to be in control, this is the go-to position.


Dirty Dancing is similar to sex while standing, but instead relies on the man to lean back on a wall. The man faces the woman and holds her. The woman wraps her legs around the man and they rock together.

This position is great for both partners, as the closeness feels extremely intimate. Also the man can easily access the woman's breasts and the woman can control the penetration. This is a good position for a quickie, but it can be a difficult to maneuver if the man has trouble keeping steady, has no support or if you have a substantial difference in height.


After awhile, the missionary position can feel more like work than play. Variety is the spice of life, and it's no different for sex. So why spice up your sex life with one of these new positions? We're betting you'll quickly find a new favorite .