Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a super hot item in the cosmetics world today, but its history may very well go back to the beginnings of civilization. Ancient Egyptians used crushed minerals and other natural substances to create their trademark kohl-rimmed eyes.

Natural ingredient based makeup took a backseat for the next few thousand years, until the 1970's when the natural living movement spurred interest in making cosmetic products healthier and more eco-friendly. It became known that most commercial makeup contained toxic chemical compounds that could possibly do harm to the skin and body. Mineral makeup was coming back into the public awareness, but it wasn't a huge seller just yet. The formulation and manufacturing of mineral makeup was still being perfected, and many consumers simply didn't like the results they got from the product.

For the next 20 or so years, makeup wearers were stuck with the old standby liquid and cake makeup that went perfectly with the overdone and wild styles of the late 70's through the 80's, but things were about to change drastically. In the 90's awareness of natural health and wellness made a strong comeback and staked its claim in the mainstream. Soon, just about every business was going green, natural and organic, and the cosmetics industry was ready to formulate and produce a mineral makeup that was both healthy and flattering.

Nowadays, there are plenty of mineral makeup products to choose from, and many reasons to give this type of makeup a try. Millions of women find mineral makeup products to be great for their skin, with many devotees who claim their skin looks younger, smoother and more natural. In some instances, mineral makeup has been reported to reduce the occurrence of skin irritation and breakouts. You can also appreciate that mineral makeup is free of parabens, sulphates, chemical fragrances, and other harmful elements.
Mineral makeup now comes in powder and cream foundations, blushes, and eye shadows suited to all skin tones as well as personal styles.


The best makeup is the kind that doesn't look like makeup at all. It gives your skin a subtle glow and evenness that looks healthy and radiant. A great foundation is the first step toward achieving this flawless natural look. Some women pass on foundations because the makeup bases they've worn in the past have been thick and unnatural looking. They may also have concerns about the bacteria that can thrive on damp foundation applicator sponges. With mineral makeup, you can opt out of the sponge entirely and don't have to worry about the dreaded "cakeface".

The Supernatural by Philosophy ($35) promises to give you an "airbrushed canvass" on which to apply the rest of your makeup. If you're in a casual mood, you can even wear it all by itself. This fine micro-mineral powder foundation glides over your skin to downplay flaws and create the most natural glow you can ask for.

If you're on a budget, you can still enjoy the benefits of mineral powder foundation. Plenty of popular drug-store cosmetics companies have introduced their own versions of mineral makeup bases, with varying results and reviews.

In tests of drugstore-brand mineral foundations, True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation by L'Oreal ($15.95) comes out a winner. The formula provides noticeable improvement in the appearance of skin. It's light, easy to apply, and best of all, it's good for you. The Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended it as a superior sunscreen product for its SPF 19 UV protection.
When most of us think of mineral foundations, we tend to think of a loose powder, but there are creamy mineral foundations available as well. These liquid bases give you extra coverage with all the benefits of dry mineral foundation. One to try: Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation.


The ideal effect of a blush should be to make you look like you just came in from a nice brisk walk. It should add color and brightness to your face without looking painted on. The San-Francisco-based cosmetics company Bare Escentuals is always on the forefront of creating natural mineral-based cosmetics in an incredible variety of shades. Their Bare Minerals Blush ($18) is a powder but goes on creamy and smooth and comes in 33 amazing colors that can be blended to make custom combinations.

Mineral blushes work best with a brush made to be used specifically with them, so be sure to pick up the brush when you buy your product!

Eye Shadows and Liners

Eye shadow brings out your sexy side and highlights the natural beauty of your eyes. Mineral shadows work well for this purpose because they're formulated much differently than most other commercial shadows. Even decent-quality traditional shadows have a nasty habit of creasing in lids, getting oily, and smudging. For sensitive individuals, they can sometimes cause eye irritation.
If you need a break from traditional eye shadow woes, try Jane Iredale PurePressed Triple Eyeshadow ($34). These compacts contain 3 complimentary colors that are designed to be gentle, soft, and long lasting. Mineral shadows are color-dense, so the colors really pop without looking over the top. Even the bright colors manage to look natural!

Mineral eyeliners work in the same way as traditional eyeliners, except they're generally accepted to be safer, because they contain no talc or chemicals that can be harmful when worn close to the eye. Mineral WearTM Talc-Free Mineral Eye Liner Pencil is an inexpensive and beneficial product to start with when exploring mineral eyeliners. It features an anti-microbial smudge tip, natural pigments, and natural anti-oxidants that help fight the signs of aging around the eye area. Best of all, it's a steal for $6.95!

Lip Color

After the eyes, the mouth is the most challenging area when it comes to signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles as well as more permanent expression lines tend to settle around these areas. Mineral lip color is one way to fight the aging process on your lips.

How many women really think about what their everyday lipstick is made of? Few of us probably stop to consider the chemicals, dyes and bacteria that we're happily gliding onto our mouth each day. Bare Minerals gets another shout out for the 100% Natural Lipstick ($15). With vitamins, minerals, moisturizers and rich, plant-based colors, you can be sure you're doing something good for your lips when you wear this mineral product.