Is Your Workout Gear Safe? Get The Facts

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When participating in any activity, it's always important to be properly equipped so that you can have the safest workout possible. That means being prepared before you even get started. Take jogging or biking for example. If you're one of those people who participate in outdoor activities, you should have the right protective gear. Not wearing the right attire or not having the proper equipment can be hazardous to your health, not to mention downright dangerous. Make sure your bike has reflective lights. Wear light clothing to make yourself more visible to drivers. Most people don't realize gloves are also an important piece of equipment for cyclists. They protect the hands in the event you fall on the sidewalk or road. They also prevent compression stress and blisters for those who ride for long periods of time. Most importantly, head gear is a must. Pick out a good-fitting helmet that meets the safety standards.