Calorie Burners: Best Classes for the Bucks

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An easy-to-find, high-calorie burning class is kickboxing. For one hour of kickboxing, you can expect to burn between 550 and 850 calories. You can up the intensity by adding light hand weights to your punches and jabs.


There are many different types of yoga, and depending on the one you choose, you can end up with wildly different amounts of calories burned. Most yoga classes that you come across at your local gym are Hatha yoga, which translates to about 175 calories burned per hour. However, Bikram yoga classes pack on the intensity and can get you burning up to 600 calories an hour. While not common at local gyms, most yoga studios offer the class.


Pilates is another popular exercise class, and for good reason. Intermediate level Pilates classes can help you burn 300 to 400 calories an hour, while advanced Pilates can help you burn 400 to 500 calories an hour.