Are You Truly Ready To Lose Weight?

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Are all those infomercials promising fast, easy weight loss getting to us? Are the constant /images of thin models and size 0 actresses making us think it's easy? That's not the truth, people. That's called marketing!

The key to success with weight loss is simple: you first have to ask yourself if you're really ready for that kind of life change.

Are you ready to change your eating and exercise habits for good? Are you willing to move permanently towards a healthier way of life?

You also have to realize that letting go of extra weight requires letting go of other things as well. Like the way you might do things, or the way you think about food and eating. It requires you to be open to change, to be ready to see what works and what doesn't.

So before you choose a method of losing weight, you should decide if you're truly READY to lose weight or not.

Key point: It's ok if you're not!

For one reason or another you might not be ready yet for a change in your lifestyle - that's ok. Accept yourself and wait until you are truly ready.