Great Old-School Workouts

by Trent Lorcher

In this age of technology, many fitness buffs have forgotten the benefits of old-school workouts. They've traded gym shorts for spandex, blacktop for treadmills, and t-shirts for sports bras. If you've reached a fitness plateau, want to jump start your fitness routine, or just need to get away from the gym, maybe it's time to go old-school/


An exercise favored by boxers, jumping rope improves agility, stamina and cardio vascular capacity. It tones legs and arms, can be done in at home, and is fun. Next time you're looking for an old school work out, put Rocky in the VCR (old school, indeed) and get that rope swinging.{relatedarticles}


Chances are there's a high school in your neighborhood. That high school probably has a football field complete with bleachers that are ideal for an outdoors workout. Go old school at the high school. Running the bleachers burns calories, builds stronger leg muscles, and provides more fun than the typical treadmill workout. It can be integrated into a track workout or a sprint workout.


Fitness entrepreneurs peddle equipment that magically reduces body fat and builds muscle for only 13 payments of $499. What they fail to mention is you already possess the best piece of fitness equipment ever designed: your body.

Sit-ups and push-ups will tone your body and at absolutely no charge. A simple change in push-up hand position tones arms, chest or shoulders. A slight adjustment in sit-up position strengthens your whole core. And next time you see one of those infomercials, think about the last time you heard a drill sergeant scream, "drop and give me 20 reps on the Bow Flex!" {relatedarticles}


Take push-ups to the next level with squat thrusts: Begin in the standing position. Squat. With your hands on the ground, kick your legs back to the push up position. Return feet to squat position. Stand up. Repeat.

Squat thrust benefits include strong legs, shoulders, chest, arms, abdomen, and buttocks. They improve cardio vascular health, can be done in conjunction with other exercises and make a great old-school aerobics workout.


Chin-ups strengthen back muscles, biceps and shoulders. A simple repositioning of the hands works other muscle groups.

You can buy an inexpensive chin-up bar at any fitness retailer; be sure it's installed properly or you may find yourself doing chin-ups in a hospital bed. {relatedarticles}

If you're truly looking to go old school, find a low-hanging beam, hold on tight and go to work.

Stop paying gym fees; stop being gawked at by middle-aged men in biker shorts, stop buying gimmicky exercise machines from washed-up actors, and stop wasting time and gas driving to the gym. Have fun. Get fit. Go old school.