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Sunday, June 23, 2024
The Aries moon forms a supportive aspect to the north node this morning, bringing mental clarity and the ability to communicate efficiently. Your mind is sharp this morning, so get complicated work out of the way early to make the most of this astrological placement.

As the day continues to unfold, the moon forms a conjunction to Mars while squaring off with Pluto. There could be issues around letting go of the past, and there's a risk that past mistakes could be repeated. Don't shy away from doing things differently right now, and be open to new ideas.

A harsh aspect between Chiron, Mercury, and the sun could make us come across as arrogant if we don't hold on to our grace, so remember to stay grounded and humble as you articulate your ideas. Watch out for confrontational people, too, because egos could clash right now, and there's a risk that arguments could manifest.

You might find yourself involved in a power struggle with those around you, so avoid throwing your weight around just for the fun of it. We are all in this together, and just because someone doesn't quite understand your ways doesn't mean that they're attacking you. Remove yourself from people who don't respect your way of living, and instead engage with those who understand and support you.