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Sunday, July 12, 2020
There was a Venus-Uranus semi-sextile while you were sleeping, so you're very likely to start the day focused on nesting. You might be coming up with ways to make your physical space more habitable and deciding how to show off your personality there. Mercury goes direct early this morning, bringing some relief to hang-ups and clarity to pending decisions.

The sun trines Neptune this afternoon, and you'll want to channel all of your energy into a creative project. It's likely one you started the day thinking about. Even if it's only in the planning phase, this is a great place to put your energy today!

When the moon squares Jupiter tonight, you'll feel sensible and balanced for the most part, but you should watch out for any urge to overdo it. If your creative project has been occupying your mind since you woke up, this is a good time to take a little break to decompress.

The moon squares Pluto late tonight, and you may confront some bad habits even if you feel like you had a great day. Assess things in the morning.
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