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Monday, March 1, 2021
You're likely going to wake up with a sense of calm this morning after the moon trines Saturn. Maybe the things that normally get under your skin won't bother you as much this morning. Don't be surprised if family members come to you in the early hours requiring some advice, and don't be afraid to ask a family elder for some advice yourself. Due to your peaceful demeanor, this is a good time to make important decisions.

This problem-solving attitude continues and is accented when the moon trines Mercury later today. You could be more intuitively inclined at this time, and while it's a great time to get a reading, you may feel as though you already know what needs to be done next.

It's also a great day to have any difficult discussions or give a work presentation. You'll be naturally social as well, and this extends from jovial joking with colleagues to a deeper longing for connection in a very sweet way when the moon trines Jupiter this afternoon. Now is the time to bare your heart and speak your deepest truths. These hard-won connections with loved ones have a magical spark tonight that can enhance your closeness for years to come.
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