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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
You might be feeling cranky and irritable this morning and not even understand why if you didn't realize that the moon squared Pluto first thing today. Deeply buried feelings reveal themselves to you—and possibly others if you aren't careful—in a way that may not be desirable. This might actually be for the best because keeping them locked away isn't doing you any good.

However, be very cautious to not let any disagreements turn volatile because this could potentially end very poorly, especially if you have a strong temptation to say something insulting that you don't really mean. This is a transit that can tempt people to become violent if that's in their nature, but even the kindest person could be prone to bullying and emotional abuse. Secrets could be revealed—maybe even surprising family secrets—but it could all be for the best if you approach this with the understanding that there will be plenty to work on moving forward.

This is accentuated when the moon moves into the feisty sign of Scorpio in the afternoon. Emotions will be intense, and you're much more likely to take things personally. As long as you behave as your most authentic self at this time, you can take this as an opportunity to face your fears and maybe even eliminate some of them while you're at it. You never know what kind of good can come out of a challenging day like this, so try to keep your outlook positive.
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