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Monday, April 19, 2021
The morning is slow and comforting, so start the day with your favorite body wash and a nice bath if you have the time. There's a strong nurturing energy in the air, the perfect vibe before the rest of the day gets busy. It's a good day for fresh sheets on the bed and some homemade treats baking in the oven. Think about ways you can relax more and tend to those you care about in the nurturing way they love. It's a moment of softness and comfort.

There's a lot happening today regarding messages and finality. The sun is ending its month in Aries today, and it's time to take stock of all that the Aries season has taught us. If you're still waiting to figure it out, here's your moment to do it.

When Mars and Saturn share a minor connection, it can spark genius, insight, and the ability to take charge to manifest our purpose clearly. Be careful of being too forceful at this time. Your high energy could be mistaken for aggression. You don't have to be the loudest or toughest to get your point across in that online meeting. Use your words wisely and paint a picture of teamwork rather than selfishness. The right conversation today could put you in touch with someone who shares your vision and begins a strong new cycle. Fearlessness can take you far today if you choose to lean into the proper modes of expression.

Today is also a great day to begin a fitness routine that's aligned with where you want to go.' 
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