When Sorry Doesn't Cut It: Alternative Ways to Apologize

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Sorry is often the hardest word to say. For men who struggle finding the words to apologize, they often make a grandiose gesture with flowers. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to show her man a little TLC without having to utter that five-letter word? Here are some easy alternatives to make amends. Perhaps you two need to reconnect - present him with an inexpensive gift card to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a cup of java and get the conversation going. A little communication goes a long way - why not write a note detailing how much you love and appreciate him, and slip it into his computer bag or lunch bag? A quick text or email is always appreciated, too. While money can’t buy love, good food sure can. Think up a gustatory treat and spend the afternoon baking it up for him. If sweets aren't his thing, then pack up a really yummy lunch with all his favorites.