Backpack Safety: What Are the Basic Rules?

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First teach her how to pack it properly, heavier items like textbooks should be placed closest to the back, don't over-pack, and don't pack anything you do not need for school, Now see that he lifts it properly, and that he uses both shoulder straps, the waist belt and any additional belts.. Before purchasing a backpack check on line for results of product testing and ratings, by reliable consumer protection groups, of any backpack you are considering.

Be aware that price is not always an indication of quality, nor does lower prices necessarily mean a poor product. You must do your homework. Also look on line for wholesale dealers in backpacks .We found a top brand backpack that has all the proper padding all the belts and a mini frame to help support the load for just a thirty dollars more than the average mid-range back pack.

More important than the price is that you get the right type of backpack, and that your child uses it because the best most expensive ergonomically sound backpack in the world, is worthless if she doesn't follow the backpack safety rules.

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