The Best Pets for Kids

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3. Birds

These kinds of pets require not so much big space and can easily be placed in a cage. They are suitable for children who love indoor activities as well. They can just play with the bird in the cage or talk to them. Birds are also easily fed; however, cleaning their cages can be a responsibility for you as the parent.

4. Fishes

Goldfishes are the most common type of pet usually for some kids. It just requires a small area for the fish bowl or a small aquarium. Fishes are easily fed and easily taken care of. These pets do not require your kid to go out to play with his or her fish.

5. Hamsters or Guinea pigs

These are small cuddly and lovable creatures kept in a cage. They can be easily fed and watched for by your kids. Easily fed and usually will not go outdoors. As much as possible avoid letting your kids touch them because they might be squeezed by your kid and may bite.

6. Pony

These are pets for a little older kid. Kids who love the outdoors and can ride with the pony around the farm or park.