The Single Mom's Guide to Finding New Love

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You may be in a very different financial position than you were when you first started dating. It's possible that you've acquired money and assets through advancement in your career or through your divorce settlement. This puts you in a position of greater power that allows you to be choosier.

If your money situation hasn't improved too much or has taken a hit since your relationship ended, you're most likely focused on rebuilding your life and looking for a man who will understand your goals and work with you towards them.

Where To Meet Prospective Partners

Now that you're a mother, you might feel uncomfortable with the bar scene and other hangouts that cater mainly to the young and childfree crowd.

You might want to consider some family-friendly spots to meet and chat with single men. While you by no means have to date men who are single dads, it may help to have this major factor in common.

Places like the park, the kid corner of the library, and other kid-friendly environments all provide opportunities for running into a single dad. Unfortunately, moms (single or otherwise) far outnumber single dads at any of these locations. Still, it doesn't hurt to give it a try and see who you meet.

Friends and family can be helpful in your search for a mate. Most people know at least a few guys who are single or divorced. Let your friends and family know you're looking and they'll probably be glad to help.

Some people shy away from fix-ups like this because of the possible drama that could result if it doesn't work out, but others find that the extra support of having friends in common helps to get the relationship going in the right direction, whether it turns to romance or stays platonic.