Fertility and Pregnancy Tests

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Fertile Focus

The Fertile Focus is an ovulation monitor that stands apart from the rest because it doesn't require urine. This product uses saliva instead of urine to detect hormone levels. You need to use small slides and a microscope to read your results, which might be a bit involved for some women. If you enjoyed science class and want a low mess, accurate result, the Fertile Focus might be for you.

ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor

ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor is an ovulation tracker with a high-tech twist. It includes a small digital monitor and testing sticks that resemble digital thermometers. ClearBlue measures both LH and estrogen hormones. Women who used this product say that it is accurate, but some found it a bit confusing. The unit needs to be programmed to be in line with your menstrual cycles in order to work efficiently. The price can also be a drawback. This product is quite expensive compared to other ovulation tests. While the unit comes with testing sticks, these need to be refilled when they run out, and they're not cheap either.

Pregnancy Tests

If you have good luck with your home ovulation predictor, you may find yourself in the market for a home pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests have been around for years, and although the method and marketing of these products have evolved a lot since they were introduced in the 1970's, their function remains basically the same: to detect hCG, the hormone that is released in a woman's body during pregnancy. The hormone is detectable in the urine from very early in pregnancy, so if you want to know whether you're pregnant as soon as possible, you need a pregnancy test that's both sensitive and accurate.