Fertility and Pregnancy Tests

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ClearBlue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test

It must be the trend toward anything electronic that makes digital pregnancy tests so popular. The ClearBlue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test is quick, accurate, and easy to read. Traditional pregnancy tests usually give results in lines, which can be hard to decipher, especially if they're fine or light. With the Clearblue Easy, the words "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" appear in the window.

Equate Pregnancy Test

Wal-Mart is known for great deals, and many savings-minded women find the superstore chain's Equate brand to be a great alternative to more expensive brand name personal care products. It's not surprising to learn that Equate pregnancy tests are a big seller at Wal-Mart, but can a budget-priced brand really be trusted? Customer reviews and independent laboratory testing suggests that it can. Equate pregnancy tests have one of the highest sensitivity levels available in a home pregnancy test. They're able to detect pregnancy hormone in very low concentrations. This can mean a positive result very early in pregnancy. Fact Plus

Fact Plus pregnancy tests are another high-rated, reliable test. This brand uses a plus sign to signify a positive result, which is convenient and easy to read. The sensitivity of the Fact Plus is well within the acceptable range, and most women who used this product had a good experience.