Hair Dye

Everyone's hair coloring experience is different. For some, dying their hair is a set part of their schedule, penciled in on the calendar right along with dental appointments and PTA meetings. For others, it's a spur-of-the-moment decision made to change things up when life feels boring and mundane. Similarly, while some women are loyal to one particular brand and/or color, others love to shop around and experiment. Whatever your hair dye personality, it pays to keep up with new brands, colors and methods - especially true if you color your hair at home.

More than 70% of women choose to color their hair, whether to cover grey or enhance their overall look. It's uncertain what percentage dye their hair it home, but it's a safe guess the number has increased recently as American families tighten their belts in order to thrive in the current economic climate. Dying your hair at home has its challenges; it can be time consuming, a little messy, and doesn't always yield the results you hoped for. Still, considering the money you'll save, at-home hair coloring is definitely an option to explore.

When you're considering using a hair dye from the drugstore, you have to consider more than simply the color you want. One major factor women sometimes overlook is whether a particular box of dye contains enough product to cover their hair. The boxes may all be similar in size, but the actual bottles of colorant inside vary. The boxes should indicate how much product they contain. When in doubt, buy more than one. Nothing's worse than realizing you don't have enough product after dying half your hair!