Hair Dye


Garnier Nutrisse hair color ($6.99) stands apart from the crowd for its emollient-rich formula and wide range of eye-catching colors. It contains avocado and grapeseed oil to help color penetrate and last longer. Garnier is especially popular among bottle red heads, because they can choose from dark auburns to light strawberry shades, or even one of the popular high-power "extreme" reds.

Users may find Nutrisse penetrates a little too well, meaning you can end up with a darker or more intense color than you bargained for - at least for the first week or so, after which, the excess colors fades off and becomes more true to the picture on the box. Overall, Nutrisse is a nice moisturizing hair color that stays put and conditions well

Sometimes, you want intense hair coloring results, or you'd like to make a reasonably big (3 shades or so) change in your hair color. If that's the case, Garnier 100% Color ($8.99) is a dye to try. This product contains concentrated pigments to rev up your tresses, and a vitamin- and micro-mineral enriched formula to help condition it smooth.


Dark hair colors can sometimes appear flat, dull, and boring. Revlon Colorsilk Luminista ($4.99) can help you create hair color that's sexy shiny, and full of light-catching tones. Luminista is specially formulated with mango butter to make dark hair lush and vibrant.