6 Tips to Care for Your Skin Better -- and Greener!

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Go organic. All of those hormones and fertilizers and pesticides they use on crops and animal products are just as bad for your health as they are for the environment. Products which are manufactured using organic methods can be more difficult to find, but their quality and environmental responsibility make them worth a look. Look for a USDA or your country's seal to certify them as truly organic.

Check the labels. You can do everything listed above, but if you don't check the labels you still won't be doing much to protect the environment. Because some very common beauty ingredients, such as propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium fluoride, most fragrances, etc., can cause all sorts of health and environmental problems, and some are even proven carcinogens.

Choosing the right beauty products isn't only about doing your part to protect the environment. Natural, organic, and harmful chemical free beauty products are also more effective and better for your health. It doesn't always happen that what's good for the environment is also best and easiest for you. But with skin care, you don't have any excuse not to go green.

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