At-Home Spa Treatments

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The key to a good facial is unbelievably easy and cheap - steam and essential oil. The first step is to choose an essential oil that works for you. Essential oils all have amazing, individual properties (more on that soon) and when you mix them with steam, you'll open up your pores in a natural way.

Start by putting a few drops of your favorite oil under your nose. Next, run hot water from your bathroom faucet and cover your head with a towel and lean into the steam, spreading out the towel to capture the moisture. Soak in the steam and follow with one of the masks above. Your face will thank you!

One of the reasons people escape to expensive spas is that they want to relax. Our daily routines can be extremely chaotic and we all deserve the opportunity to pamper ourselves every now and then. Don't let a crummy economy stand in the way of giving yourself the chance to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate.

The key to relaxation is environment. Make sure your bathroom or the area where you'll be pampering yourself is filled with simple colors you like. You won't want a room filled with bright towels and loud patterns. Instead, try to remove loud accessories and drape the room in light blues, greens, and lavenders in soothing, simple patterns.