Don’t I Ever Outgrow Adult Acne?

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Most teenagers will suffer from blackheads, whiteheads, larger pustules and cystic acne. Adult acne will appear in any and all of those forms but adults are also prone to the added joys of rosacea (but that is an entirely different conversation).

Now that we understand some of the differences between teen acne and adult acne let’s talk about what the major causes of adult acne are. As I said before, hormones certainly play into adult acne. Other culprits could be stress, imbalanced diet, makeup and skincare products, and even your hairstyle!

Stress releases hormones that cause your body to release other hormones to counteract them, the hormonal flood can often send your complexion into a tailspin. Many people mistakenly assume greasy foods or chocolate cause acne. Studies have shown that is not really the case - the major culinary criminal in the case of adult acne is actually the sugar in the candy bars or other candy, as well as high-glycemic-index carbs like white bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. Yes, the wrong foods can spike insulin levels, leading to a chemical imbalance and, in turn, acne.