Eight Common Remedies For Getting Rid Of Stretchmarks

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Vick's Vapor Rub
A lot of people have encountered success getting rid of stretchmarks by exfoliating the affected skin every day with Vick's Vapor Rub using a paper towel, washcloth or loofah sponge for a couple of weeks. This action of rubbing augment blood circulation in the region and may hence assist in bringing down the appearance of the stretchmarks. Results may be different for different individuals.

Frequent Hot Massages & Baths
As augmented blood circulation is rumored to cut down the appearance of stretch marks, chances are, by taking frequent warm massages and baths, you are acting just that!

Sun Bathing
Although tanning can make the stretchmarks fainter, do remember to apply sun screen. Why? Since sunscreen forestalls the exposure of the elastin & collagen within the more in depth layers of the skin, the skin's elasticity will not be compromised so easily. Surely you would not want those stretchmarks to come out again after you have attempted to cover them up with your suntanned skin? If you choose not to sunbathe and "show off" your stretchmarks, try out those self tanning merchandises which permit you to attain the same result. Those products claims to decrease the looks of those unsightly stretchmarked lines.

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