Picking Out the Best Plastic Surgeon for You

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Plastic Surgeons & Medical Boards

Just because a plastic surgeon is certified doesn't mean that you are home free. You have just reduced the odds of getting a bad surgeon. Check your state's medical board. In some states, the board will list any malpractice lawsuits filed or disciplinary actions taken against the doctors who practice in that state. You can find links to your state's medical board by visiting the Federation of State Medical Boards online.

Plastic Surgeons & Hospital Privileges

While you may be wishing that there was short-cut to finding the right plastic surgeon, there are still a few more steps that you need to complete before you are ready to go under the knife.

Check to see if the plastic surgeon in question has hospital privileges. Hospitals do background checks on doctors before hospitals grant them privileges. Even if your surgery is being done on an outpatient basis or in a surgery center, ask your potential surgeon about their hospital privileges. Surgeons without hospital privileges may have black marks on their record, ergo; a lack of hospital privileges is a red flag when choosing a plastic surgeon.

Some of the initial questions you should ask your potential plastic surgeon include:

- How long the plastic surgeon has been performing this specific surgery

- Will the surgeon be doing all of the procedure or will another doctor participate?