Picking Out the Best Plastic Surgeon for You

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- How long the surgery should last

- How long you will be in the recovery room

- What kind of complications might occur?

- Ask about "before" and "after" pictures of patients who have had similar surgeries

- Ask for referrals from the surgeon's patients

- What post-operative pain, medications, etc. you should expect

- Recovery time, how long you will need to miss work, and any other limitations you will encounter during your recovery process

Expect the surgeon to ask you why you are interested in having plastic surgery and what you hope the outcome to be. A good plastic surgeon should also honestly tell you if your expectations are realistic. The more that you know and the more that you ask, the safer you will be.

After your interview, you should have a good idea if your potential plastic surgeon is right for you or if you need to keep searching. However, there is one more factor to take into consideration as you narrow down your list of potential surgeons.