Tips for Unique Christmas Gifts

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Is it just me or does it get more and more difficult every year to find those special gifts that stand apart from the traditional mall fodder as unique or original?

A candle -- even for a candle lover -- seems predictable, overdone and just plain blah after so many seasons of giving. The same can be said for bath sets, food baskets, calendars, etc. For many of us the decision to "keep it modest this year" means that we find ourselves giving and receiving the same sorts of things over and over again, even when those items aren't even on someone's list. Why not break the pattern and try something original this year with these holiday gift giving tips and tricks?

A DIY Beauty Gift Basket or "Beauty Cocktail"

Why not make some homemade beauty recipes online, purchase the ingredients, package and label them in jars or containers that could be reused, and present them along with the recipe cards in a bath or shower basket? For a smaller stocking stuffer type gift, you could also make "beauty cocktails" by putting the finished recipe in inexpensive wine or cocktail glasses, painting or writing with permanent ink markers the recipe on the glass, and then decorating it with a fun design.