Top 5 Advantages of Liquid Eyeliner

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With so many different kinds of eyeliner available it can be a challenge to identify which ones to purchase and which ones to leave on the shelf. Powder-based and liquid eyeliners have varying results, depending on the person. Many people choose powdered eyeliners (and the related powdered cream eyeliners) because these products seems more familiar and subtle; they focus on the ease with which liquid eyeliner can be used in excess and assume that powders and creams are the way to go. Although powdered eyeliners may work for some individuals, this is not necessarily the case, of course, for everyone.

There are a number of advantages to choosing a liquid eyeliner instead of a powder-based option, not the least of which are the ease with which liquid eyeliners can be used and how easy it can be to customize your eyeliner application. The following are five reasons to choose liquid eyeliner, hopefully giving you something to think about the next time you are trying to decide between liquid and powder-based eyeliner.

Less Clumping
Using powder-based eyeliners can result in small clumps of the eyeliner forming along your eyelid, ruining the smooth effect that most eyeliner applications attempt to achieve. This is not necessarily a fault of powder-based eyeliners, as it is most often a result of excessive eye movements or an unsteady application. If eyeliner is used on a consistent basis, clumping may also result from small amounts collecting on the surface. This can be caused by the applicator itself. Liquid eyeliner, due to the fact that it's liquid, does not clump, and therefore does not have this problem. A quality liquid eyeliner should flow as smoothly on the 20th application as it did on the first.