Blow it out! How to Get Great Hair at Home

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Want the blow-by-blow on how to get hair that looks like it's been blown out at a salon? Here's the way to get that great, professional-looking blowout look. Start by washing and conditioning hair, being careful to leave just a little conditioner residue in hair - this helps smooth down potential flyaways. Rubbing hair vigorously to dry will give hair lots of frizz; instead, just blot hair dry. If you have one of those high-absorbency towels, then simply wrap wet hair up into it and wait for a few minutes. Pick a heat-styling product that works with your type of hair, such as a volumizing formula for limp, fine hair or a frizz-prevention serum that protects from heat. Next, strategically pin up sections of hair with a clip or claw that allows you to work on one section of hair at a time. Let down one- to four-inch sections of hair and prepare to dry them. Use an ionizing blow dryer with a nozzle that directs the air instead of simply blowing hair around.