Celebrity Trends to Copy

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This winter has already seen some hot styles among the stars. Surprisingly, you'll see a few '80s trends making a comeback, including shoulder pads, leather and thigh-high boots. Even neon is back in style! While these aren't easy fashions for everyone to wear, there are ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe. The thigh-high boots have been seen with figure-hugging pants such as the new trend of "jeggings" - tight-fitting, stretchy jeans. Leggings and another '80s throwback, stirrup pants, are also worn with thigh-high boots. Incorporating punches of those neon colors in tunics and accessories is the way to break up dark colors. All that leather comes with a price, however - look for economical options at stores such as DSW and in brands such as Forever 21 and Chinese Laundry. Don't discount the thigh-high's shorter cousin, the bootie, which is still very much in style.