Changing Up Your Fragrance: How to Choose a New Scent

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Is it time to say sorry, Charlie? Not loving Love's Baby Soft? Does your old standby perfume smell not-so-Beautiful anymore? Well, if your favorite Poison isn't your Obsession anymore, then it may be time to update your scent. Before you hit the department store counters, it's smart to get an idea of what kind of fragrance you're looking for. You can update your scent without making a complete change. There are five basic types of scents, and you can choose another fragrance from the same type if you're really stuck on your scent. There are floral fragrances - scents like jasmine, rose or a blend of flowers; oriental scents, like amber, balsam and musks; citrus scents, which are fresh and uplifting; chypre or woodsy scents, which include patchouli, bergamot and moss; and green scents, which are grassy or herbaceous. Many fragrances combine some of these types of scents. You might have a specific perfume in mind, but don't buy that fragrance you found in the back of your favorite fashion magazine right off the shelf. It's one thing to like the way a perfume smells but entirely another when it reacts with your own body chemistry and smell.