Cosmetics for a Cause

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The company supports environmental, humanitarian and animal rights causes. Glamorous department store brand M.A.C. relies on star power to convey its Viva Glam message of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment charities. One hundred percent of Viva Glam's sales of Lipglass and Lipsticks have benefitted the MAC AIDS Fund since 1994. The current faces of Viva Glam are Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper, who both have shades named after them; in the past, RuPaul and other supermodels' faces have graced the campaign. Kiss My Face is another company that's involved in global philanthropy with its Seeds of Peace soap line. Ten percent of profits go toward helping young people from conflict-ridden regions like Pakistan to develop leadership skills that advance reconciliation and coexistence. Look for these brands and more to further your favorite charitable causes while looking beautiful!