How to Break Up With Your Stylist

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Things just aren't the same anymore. He's lost that spark. The thrill is gone. We're not talking about a fizzling romantic relationship - no, something that's sometimes even more painful. That's right - breaking up with the person who's been styling your hair into oblivion for as long as you can remember. When it's just not working out anymore to the detriment of your coif, then it may be time for a change. But splitting from your stylist can be awkward and difficult for your style to adjust. Having a long-term relationship with a stylist is best, so when problems arise, it's worthwhile to try to work it out before moving on. After all, some advantages to having the same stylist for a long time include the stylist having a better understanding of your lifestyle, needs, hair's characteristics, how its style looks after it grows out, etc. But as you enjoy that LTR, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Does your stylist...offer consultation time each visit before she starts hacking away?