What Your Hairdresser Can't Do

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You may think your stylist is a miracle worker, but there are some limitations that you should recognize when it comes to the looks your hairdresser can and can't achieve. A few ways to get what you want at the salon is to understand your own hair. Consider its texture - is it fine, limp and straight? Or thick and curly? How much natural wave does your hair have? And is it damaged from too much processing? Asking for a style that doesn't work with your hair's natural texture is a sure way to be dissatisfied with the end result. For example, Jennifer Aniston's hot new bob is sure to be a big request in salons, but Aniston has fine, straight hair that will lie in that position. Someone with a lot of natural wave would have a very different look with her cut. Asking for J.Lo's thick curls when your hair is soft and fine isn't going to happen, either.