Bikini Wax: Everything You Need to Know (Whether Getting it Done at the Salon or at Home)

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Know Before You Go

First off, there's the basic bikini wax. The only hair that is removed is the hair on the outside of the panties or bathing suit. This means the hair on the very inner part of your thigh, and where the thigh meets your groin area.

Then there's the full bikini wax. This is where hair is taken in even further on either side of the bikini line. Some forms of a full bikini wax include a bit of hair taken off the top, or trimmed.

And of course, you've probably heard of the infamous Brazilian bikini wax. This is, by far, the most involved of the bikini waxes, and will actually remove all your hair "down there", including all the way back to your rear. You may opt for a variation of this, where a small strip of hair is left in the front.

Whether you want just a little clean up or the full shebang, it helps to know which option you prefer before you get in the salon, (so you don't have any horror stories to share later).

Also before you go, make sure the hair you want to have waxed is at least 1/4-inch long, or longer if your hair is coarse. If it's shorter, the wax can't grab onto it, and you'll actually be sent home and asked to reschedule.