Bikini Wax: Everything You Need to Know (Whether Getting it Done at the Salon or at Home)

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During the Bikini Wax Appointment

The actual process at the salon is actually not so bad. Most locations have a separate room with an actual door (not just a curtain). You'll change into a paper thong, or may cover up with a sheet. Some salons even have soothing music and aromatherapy, so you can fool yourself into thinking you're just getting a massage.

On average, a bikini wax at a salon could take anywhere from 10 minutes for a basic wax to 30 minutes or more for a full Brazilian. Before you select a location, ask girlfriends about technicians they may recommend. It's best to get a technician who is quick, which will minimize any pain. On the same note, you want someone with a calm and gentle manner.

First, the technician may spread a little talcum powder to the bikini area. This keeps the wax from sticking to the skin. Then, a wooden spoon will be dipped into the hot wax and applied to a section of your skin. A cloth will then be patted down firmly over the wax, so that skin, hair and cloth all stick together. Then, once the wax cools, she'll rip the cloth off. This pulls the hair out by the root, because waxing is done against the hair growth.

Once the waxing is done, the technician will put a soothing gel or cream over the area. Just as with any waxing, you're going to feel more tender the first time you get this done. Some gals feel back to normal within a few hours, others take a few days. So plan your appointments accordingly! Prices can range according to services and state, but expect them to run from $20 to $100.