Bikini Wax: Everything You Need to Know (Whether Getting it Done at the Salon or at Home)

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Now for the waxing. Once your wax has heated in its pot, take applicator and (in the same stroke) spread wax evenly in the opposite direction of hair growth, then spread once again with the direction of the hair growth. You want the wax to cover an area of about 4 inches long by 2 inches wide.

You'll then cover the wax with a cloth strip. Press it down and wait until wax dulls and hardens. Then pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth, but hold your skin in place with the other hand to relieve some pain. When pulling the cloth, do not pull straight up.

You'll have to repeat this until your desired bikini area is hair-free. This could take an hour or more, if it's your first session. Afterward, tweeze missed hairs, use wax remover to get residue, then soothe your skin with a gel or lotion.

$25 to $100, but waxing kit prices may vary.