DIY: Easy Celebrity Hairdos

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Wish you could rock the pixie cut like Halle Berry? Do you long for Cameron Diaz’s flirty, side-swept bangs?

Whether you love the playful ponytail of Taylor Swift or the long, natural waves of Jennifer Aniston, these styles can be duplicated right in your own bathroom! You don’t need a Hollywood hairstylist to achieve a starlet look in less than 20 minutes. These do-it-yourself ‘dos are easy to create with a few simple hair products and a bit of time in front of the bathroom mirror.

Halle Berry’s Pixie Perfect Fringe

Halle Berry’s standard short, mussed hairdo is part of her trademark look. Internationally acclaimed Hollywood hairstylist George Caroll blogged that, “Like a chameleon, Halle changes her hairstyles and color often, but it’s her sexy signature pixie style cut that has inspired women of all ages to trade in their long locks for this easy breezy liberating hairstyle.”

What you’ll need:

  • volumizing shampoo;
  • hair gel;
  • hair wax;
  • hair mousse;
  • moulding cream; and
  • hair spray.
  1. Use a volumizing shampoo if you have fine or limp hair, otherwise use your regular shampoo.
  2. Towel dry your hair, fluffing it well to start bringing out the fringe.
  3. If using any of the holding products (gel, wax, mousse or moulding cream) place a small quarter-sized amount in your hand and rub between your palms.
  4. Run your fingers through your hair once and then fluff it out and twist some sections for that messy look - the messier the better!
  5. Let your style dry before heading out for the day. Apply a light spritz of hair spray for extra hold.

For all-day wear, use a stronger product like hair wax or gel to keep your fringe firm. If your hair is naturally a bit kinky and textured, you can probably pull this off with a simple finger-fluff and minimal hair products, but if you want extra hold, make sure you don’t skip the final hair spray touch.

This style works best with short hair no longer than your ear lobes. Rock it as an everyday hairdo, or save your flirty fringe for special occasions (short hair is a great excuse to show off a pair of dangly earrings!)