Hot Hats to Top Off Any Look

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When it comes to putting that crowning touch on any outfit, whether you're heading out to a friendly lunch or a cocktail party, nothing compares to a well chosen hat. Unlike other accessories that may subtly change the tone or appeal of an ensemble, even casual hats make bold statements that convey your personal style with the least amount of effort.

But with so many different types of hats to choose from, where do you start? We've compiled this simple guide to some of the most accessible and fashionable hats for women, with tips on how to pair the right hat to the right outfit. While hats may have once been associated with bad hair days, these high-fashion headpieces are ready for the spotlight.

For Easy Transitions from Day to Night, Go Cloche!

The cloche (which is the French word for "bell") was originally popular in the 1920s but its signature bell shape and versatile nature makes it perfect for a day or night look. Since cloches fit fairly snug to the head and don't have wide brims, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor events.

There are also hundreds of varieties of cloche hats in every color and fabric. Popular trims such as ribbons, feathers, jewels, and fabric flowers can help you achieve a signature look while easily dressing up a simple outfit. These hats are lovely and romantic with a skirt or dress, but don't let that limit your options! Pairing a cloche with a fabulous jacket and jeans is another great way to incorporate this fantastic hat into your wardrobe.