Take This Desk Job and Shove It

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As much as we'd prefer not to admit it, computers are keeping us fat and having some negative effects on our overall health. We're slaves to technology, sitting in front of our monitors for hours on end.

When we need to speak to co-workers, we now rely on instant messenger, e-mail and phones instead of taking a walk up the stairs or even across the room. We've basically become so sedentary throughout the day that it's amazing our entire bodies don't fall asleep. And it's not just when we're at work. In our free time, we're also glued to the computer -- reading the news, surfing the net or hanging out on social networking sites. One Canadian study showed that frequent computer users of 11 or more hours per week had more of a chance of becoming obese than those individuals who were on the computer five or fewer hours a week. Whether it's work or play on the computer, take a much-needed break.