The Best Breakfasts to Go

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You know you ought to eat breakfast, but preparing a morning meal at home just isn't happening in your rushed household. So what do you do when you need to break the fast on the road? Good news -- those belly-busting fast-food breakfasts don't have to break the diet bank. However, many choices offer you enough saturated fat to last three days and sodium levels that'll make your blood pressure spike just by looking at them!

Check out different fast-food companies' Web sites for nutrition information before you have to make the decision so that at least you're informed about what's going in your body. If there's no time even for that, then look for a few choice words that can tip you off to the fattiest, most calorie-laden meals. Go sauce-free when you order to avoid extra calories, and steer clear of high-fat meats like sausage, bacon and steak. If you have the option of an English muffin or a biscuit with your breakfast sandwich, go for the English muffin. The same goes for choosing toast over a bagel.