Best Fitball Exercises

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Fitballs. Swiss exercise balls. Stability balls. They are three different names for one very effective piece of exercise equipment. Originally used to assist physical therapists, this giant inflatable ball adds entertainment to your workout. You can sit on the Fitball, lie on it, roll on it, put your feet on it, and place your tummy on it. Imagine that!

Incorporating a Fitball into your exercise routine increases the dimension of your workout. As you exercise on a Fitball, your body works hard to maintain your balance on the ball. Thus, a broad range of muscle groups benefit from an exercise. Simple target exercises like crunches become a multiple muscle workout.

Exercising with the Fitball engages the core muscles of your body (abdomen, hips, pelvis, and lower back). Core muscles help control posture and activities such as lifting and balance. Engaging many muscles at once provides an extremely effective workout.