Best Workout Gadgets

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While some workout gadgets are worth their weight in gold, others are a complete waste of time and effort. Using workout tools correctly should lead to positive results, and each item should be affordable. These five effective gadgets deliver in both departments:

Stability Ball

Whether called a fitness ball, yoga ball or any other of its various names, this tool can save loyal users the cost of gym membership! On a stability ball, muscles are continually forced to maintain balance, so it works more of them at once than weight bench and floor exercises. This makes for a better home workout. Back and abdomen muscles will benefit more than any other muscle group. To top it all off, these deflatable marvels can be taken virtually anywhere.

Balance Board

Balance boards tone core muscles, improve stability and even aid brain development. They're also used in physical therapy. Certain ones are simple enough for a toddler to use, while others pose a challenge to the most well-coordinated professionals, like gymnasts and dancers.